Fulbright Informatiesessie – 11 oktober 2016

Gepubliceerd op 12-09-2016 at 19:05

Klik hier om je aan te melden voor deze informatie-bijeenkomst van Fulbright, het voorlichtingscentrum voor Nederlanders die in de Verenigde Staten willen studeren. Fulbright beschrijft het evenement als volgt:

If you wish to study in the US after completing (at least) a Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands or in your home country, this information session will help you decide. The session starts with a general part, explaining the differences between the Dutch higher education system and the US system, how to apply and how to finance your education. During the second part, alumni of American graduate schools will explain in more detail and for your field of study how to successfully apply. The admission fee for the session is € 12,50 which includes coffee/tea and a book (in Dutch) containing 36 interviews with well known and less well known Dutch people about their experiences as a student or scholar in the US.

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